• Location: USA, New York
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Technology: Azure Jobs
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Date Posted: 29th Apr, 2019
  • Reference: FullS429

Salary: Open
  • Multiple full stack developer openings. - .NET Developers.

The Role

As a senior full stack developer, depending on the team, you'll be expected to work on problems at every stage - from understanding the business challenges to implementing and maintaining production systems. Some sample projects that you might work on in the next few months include:
  • Maintain a live database of products that our sellers want to sell. We want to create a database of every product that is available for sale, anywhere in the world.
  • Develop the existing tooling for all new product types and events requested by our sellers
  • Develop and create efficient, performant ecosystems of APIs, services and processes to create, maintain and categorize the sets of inventory our sellers want to sell.
  • Develop internal tools to create a queue for data admins to complete tasks; use the resulting work as a training set of data to automate the work they do.
  • A fundamental part of the automation is creating the UI through which users can quickly & error free enter what will be our training data.
  • Implementing a new website for sellers.
  • Adding new payment methods for buyers and sellers
  • Changing the decision tree models on fraud detection and payment systems to ML
  • Do automation on anything repeating in our processes

About You

Success in this role requires a passion for both technology and using it to solve business challenges. We expect that you've already demonstrated your ability to solve hard problems multiple times already and have consistently been drawn to larger projects with increasing amounts of risk/load/complexity (or similar dimensions).

Creativity / Problem Solving: the ability to find creative, quick and clean solutions to difficult problems.

Scalability: the ability to develop and deploy efficient changes that will remain performant under traffic that can be reasonably expected in the short medium term; and the ability to identify, diagnose and fix code that has become unperformant due to the scaling of the ecosystem.

Process Control: the ability to recognize the inherent business risk in changing software and puts the appropriate level of resource into mitigating the risk.

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