• Location: Finland, Helsinki
  • Date Posted: 23rd Oct, 2020
  • Reference: maintenance dev

Maintenance Developer:

The company is a small team of experts within AI/ Big Data, team members have the possibility to shape not only their own projects and roles, but also the future direction of the company.

Your daily work will consist of doing continuous small development work and support for their clients. This requires strong development skills, in addition to Devops-mind/skillset and cloud experience (primarily AWS). Efficient customer communication, however, is the key. As a proactive and solution-driven person you communicate effectively and independently with demanding yet interesting clients.

Instead of working with a single project from start to finish, you'll be doing small development and monitoring several client systems during your working week. Often you'll participate in development and AI projects, where large data streams tend to be the rule rather than exception. As practical requirements for skills, we need you to have:

- Strong Python and preferably also Java/Javascript programming skills
- Experience of cloud architectures (AWS, Azure...), Docker and Kubernetes orchestration
- DevOps-base with ambition for automating environments, robustness-testing, monitoring and defect analysis

E - g.heron@frankgroup.com