• Location: Poland, Masovia, Warsaw
  • Date Posted: 20th May, 2021
  • Reference: 20521AP17

This company prides itself with the work it accomplishes and its mission of the medical industry. A well-established and reputable organisation, that provides its clients with top-level IT solutions that not only minimise its staff members workloads, but also increase the client's potential in efficiency and competitiveness.

Job Description:

Working within this role you will be positioned in a continuously growing, fast-paced industry, rewarded for you resourcefulness in the development and implementation of client-reaching software and equipment.

  • Oversee IT operations and implement strategical methods that provide value to the client and the business operations.
  • Discuss with clients on contemporary issues and enable the development of prospective solutions.
  • Liaise with teams and provide expert advice, support others work, and provide insightful and constructive feedback.
  • As well as understanding the client needs, you must also identify the potential opportunities for the business.

  • Exemplary interpersonal skills that enable you to develop and maintain relationships.
  • Experience in deployment, development, monitoring, maintenance, upgrading and support of organisational IT systems.
  • Must possess budgetary experience and be able to allocate funds into equipment and software that is both strategic and in line with the mission of the business.


Work within an industry that is both, rewarding and career focused.

Deeper understanding of the operations of a business and client's needs.

Expand your network working alongside industry experts externally and internally.

Interested? Get in touch:

a.pavlik@frankgroup.com / +44 0191 255 1436

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