• Location: USA, New York
  • Date Posted: 13th Oct, 2021
  • Reference: FSE101321

Full Stack Developer -

Job Description:
The Full-stack Developer will be an essential member of various Team projects such as R&D, AI, Application Developer, etc. Full-stack developers are responsible for building front-end and back-ends systems for software applications.

* Architect and develop fast, intuitive, high-volume web applications
* Design and build dynamic and responsive client-side user interfaces with an eye for end-user experience
* Develop secure, reliable, high-efficiency server-side backends
* Engage in API development and API integration for scalable solutions
* Interface with machine learning engineers to serve lightweight, robust machine learning models
* Test and revise design, code, and documentation based on user research and feedback
* Collaborate with data science and product management team members to provide technical tradeoffs and estimated timelines
* Mentor other engineers on best practices and pair program with engineers

Required Qualifications:
* B.S. in Computer Science or related area
* 4+ years of industry technical experience
* Foundational knowledge in application design, security, and scalability
* Experience in JavaScript and TypeScript programming languages
* Experience developing modern web application frameworks such as React
* Excellent front-end design and UI/UX skills and experience with relevant libraries
* Experience with AWS services such as Amplify, AppSync, DynamoDB
* Experience with cloud deployment on AWS
* Passion to build phenomenal services through rapid prototyping
* Clear vision and ability to take ownership to roadmap software development and communicate/collaborate effectively with team members