• Location: England
  • Salary: £70000 - £90000 per annum
  • Technology: Google Cloud Jobs
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Date Posted: 17th Nov, 2021
  • Reference: JSFRGGCPEngineer2

  • Engaging solo with clients
  • Designing and implementing data systems and pipelines
  • Able to evaluate the technical requirements of a client
  • Able to understand existing data structures and propose more efficient solutions

Tech Proficiencies
  • Intermediate to High level Python - Should have used Pandas & Numpy or at least be aware of them, should be able to explain what List Comprehension is, understand what a virtual environment is, real world experience with Classes, Decorators, Pytest/Unittest, should have the ability to build an API endpoint)
  • Extensive experience with Git
  • High level SQL (Experience with any MS SQL, MySQL, Postgresql, can explain )
  • Docker or other containers
  • Experience creating CI/CD pipelines
  • Experience with GCP/AWS/Azure - should be able to build and deploy a solution in one of these environments

Senior level:

  • All the above plus -
  • Leading engagements with clients
  • Able to evaluate the technical and business requirements of a client

Tech Proficiencies
  • Intermediate to High Level Python
  • One or more other programming languages to an intermediate/high level (Scala, R, Java, C# etc)
  • High Level SQL (Extensive experience with SQL based databases)
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes (Not essential)
  • Experience Architecting a solution (assessing multiple architectural approaches, is able to give pros and cons for those options)
  • Experience with NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Elasticseach, CouchDB etc)
  • Extensive experience with GCP/AWS/Azure

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