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Security Specialist


Job description

Security Specialist



* Your expertise will be part of the Threat Resistance team covering prevention, mitigation, and response against known and unknown threat scenarios.
* As a Specialist Digitalization in the Workspace Security team, you will be responsible to ensure security and protection requirements are implemented globally
* Ensure the continuous development of our Security Services
o You will develop and optimize (global) IT security operating processes in close cooperation with the cyber security organization.
* You will advise our global internal business partners on technical security solutions, design and implement them according to the needs and with the primary goal to minimize IT security risks


* Bachelor Degree
o Knowledge of computer networks, IT-infrastructure, and Windows operating system to analyze and investigate alerts generated in our security eco-system
o Intensive experience in error- and troubleshooting analysis.
* Ideally, you have further qualifications such as CISSP, Microsoft M365 Security Operations Analyst, ITIL or skills in software development / scripting (e.g. ASP.Net, PowerShell, SQL, PowerBI).
* You are familiar with Microsoft technology stacks (Microsoft Intune, -Azure, Defender 365) and, specifically in regard to security hardening.
o English language skills (spoken and written)