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newRef: 1509DE

DevOps engineer - Neuchâtel area

Switzerland, Neuchâtel

Job description

DevOps engineer - Neuchâtel area


Job Description

Role & Responsibilities
  • Making contributions to (CI/CD) and DevOps activities.
  • Collaborating with both software and hardware teams to establish and bolster an integrated agile development process.
  • Setting up and maintaining a range of tools such as configuration and deployment management tools, as well as advanced tools for requirement management and code analysis
  • Creating CI/CD pipelines and continually enhancing processes and automation methods.
  • Engaging with the IT department to ensure alignment regarding infrastructure requirements and user administration.

Skills & Qualifications
  • Education background in Computer Science, a related technical field
  • A minimum of 5 years of recent experience working as a part of a DevOps team.
  • Experience in deploying distributed systems on PaaS Clouds, with a preference for Azure Cloud.
  • Proficiency in Linux and Windows Server environments
  • Proficient programming and scripting skills in languages such as C, Python, batch scripting, PowerShell, and Linux shell scripting.