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Ref: 1509EE

Senior Consultant


Job description

Senior Consultant


There is currently an opportunity for a Senior Developer to join a small consultancy firm in the Oslo region.

This consultancy has huge earning potential with the opportunity to earn over 1M NOK. They also offer a lot of freedom and autonomy.

It is an opportunity that is a great fit for those who like the idea of being freelance without the stress of finding their own projects and also having the security of a permanent position.

  • Looking for agnostic developers with a variety of tech stacks. They are looking more at quality and ability than specific tech stacks
  • Project length - a few months to 2 years long
  • 3 employees today.
  • They take on projects once they have hired so you have the opportunity to say what kind of projects you would like to work on

This is a company for someone who would like to be a freelancer but prefers to have the safety of an employer and a bit guaranteed base salary.
  • You should have a developer background and also be open to some work with DevOps
  • You should have worked a lot with cloud, cloud-native solutions, transformation projects and also with Kubernetes and containers

  • Need to have broad and varied experience, very good if you have worked with a few different technologies.
  • Preferably tech lead and architect type of profiles, but also open for pure developers
  • Preferably full stack
  • Have at least 3 employers on their CV or a lot of different projects
  • Preferably consultancy experience
  • Proactive and pay attention to what is happening on the market

A real passion for technology, motivated and great personality