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Senior Solutions Architect


Job description

Senior Solutions Architect


Senior Solutions Architect

Your Role: Senior Solutions Architect: As a Senior Solutions Architect, you'll play a pivotal role in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing cutting-edge solutions within our cloud-centric ecosystem. Your responsibilities span architectural leadership, seamless solution integration, performance optimization, and stakeholder management.

  • Lead the strategy, design, and deployment of innovative cloud-based solutions.
  • Define and deploy solution architecture methodologies, ensuring industry-leading practices.
  • Ensure seamless integration of new solutions with existing applications, infrastructure, and systems.
  • Monitor and optimize system performance, identifying areas for architectural improvement.
  • Engage with internal and external stakeholders to translate business needs into scalable solutions.
  • Create and maintain architectural documentation, championing knowledge sharing.
  • Oversee solution budgets and timelines, ensuring on-time, within-budget project delivery.
  • Provide technical guidance and mentorship to team members and external partners.

Required Experience & Qualifications:
  • Cloud Mastery: Deep familiarity with leading cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Docker).
  • Architectural Acumen: Proven experience in crafting scalable and resilient solutions.
  • Integration Savviness: Skill in integrating diverse systems, platforms, and technologies.
  • Problem-solving & Innovation: Ability to devise innovative solutions balancing business and technical needs.
  • Communication Skills: Exceptional written and verbal abilities, engaging with various stakeholders.
  • Strategic Outlook: Strong business acumen aligning technical strategies with the broader picture.
  • Design Expertise: Background in solution design review and user-focused design strategies.
  • Certifications & Credentials: AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Google Professional Cloud Architect, Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect.
  • Industry Compliance: Familiarity with leading industry standards and best practices.

Personal Attributes:
  • Solution-oriented, improvement mindset, analytical, and structured.
  • Proactive, takes ownership, collaboration skills, and embraces change.
  • Time Management: Accustomed to meeting deadlines and working under pressure.
  • Self-reliant and self-motivated; ability to work independently and in teams.

What We Offer:
  • Strategic Involvement: Key role in shaping the IT vision for a pioneering tech startup.
  • Empowered Environment: Thrive in a dynamic setting with robust financial and operational support.
  • Impactful Contribution: Unique opportunities to actively shape and influence the company's trajectory.
  • Team Synergy: Join a cohesive, driven team where collaboration and commitment converge.
  • Competitive Remuneration: Attractive salary package complemented by a suite of benefits.