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Ref: 190124NG

AWS Developer (TypeScript/Python)


  • Negotiable
  • Developer Role
  • Skills: AWS, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Serverless
  • Level: Senior

Job description

AWS Developer (TypeScript/Python)


🌐 Accelerate Your Career with Our Exclusive AWS Developer Opportunity! (UoP Only)

Are you an AWS Developer with a flair for Python and TypeScript? We're thrilled to present an outstanding opportunity to join a cutting-edge project, exclusively available through our recruitment agency. Seize the chance to showcase your expertise, advance your career, and be a part of a dynamic team making waves in cloud computing!

Why Partner with Us:

Tailored Opportunities: Gain access to exclusive roles tailored to your skills and ambitions.

Top-Tier Clients: Join projects with industry leaders, making a significant impact on the cloud computing landscape.

Career Advancement: We're committed to your professional growth, offering opportunities for skill enhancement and career progression.

Role Highlights:

AWS Mastery: Demonstrate your prowess with AWS services like EC2, S3, Lambda, DynamoDB, and more.

Python and TypeScript Proficiency: Showcase your coding finesse in Python and TypeScript, contributing to the development of robust solutions.

Full-Stack Brilliance: Engage in end-to-end development, ensuring seamless integration of front-end and back-end components.

Microservices Architect: Be a key player in designing and implementing microservices, enhancing scalability and maintainability.

Team Collaboration: Work closely with cross-functional teams, providing technical expertise and delivering high-quality solutions.

What We're Looking For:

Proven Expertise: A track record of successful AWS development projects.

Collaborative Spirit: Excellent communication skills and the ability to thrive in a team-oriented environment.

Innovation Mindset: A passion for creative problem-solving and staying ahead in the dynamic tech landscape.

Perks of Partnering with Us:

Flexibility: Enjoy work arrangements that prioritize your work-life balance.

Continuous Learning: Access training programs and resources to keep your skills sharp.

Inclusive Culture: Be part of a diverse and collaborative work environment.

Ready to elevate your career? Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity! Connect with us today at n.green@frankgroup.com to take the next step in your AWS Developer journey. Let's propel your career to new heights together! 🚀