Ref: 191222_DE_LRW

Data Engineer - Oslo


  • Negotiable
  • Engineer Role
  • Skills: Data Engineer, Business Intelligence, BI, Power BI, SQL, Python, Azure
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

Data Engineer - Oslo


Data has become a vital part of our day-to-day lives, and our vision is to enable quality and compliant data access to drive more data-driven products and services

As you dive into projects, there are lots of data points and events constantly streaming in real-time, this demands a functional and flexible data environment. In practical terms, this means you will be working with modern technologies within data engineering and big data in a fast-paced setting

As part of an established data & insights department, you will be tasked with designing, implementing and maintaining data platforms which are accessible by various teams

You will work alongside fellow data engineers, along with data analysts, scientists, and reporting to an engineering manager. Collaboration between teams is essential to a cohesive working environment, and you will meet lots of talented team members along the way

Your day-to-day could include:
  • Designing and implementing data pipelines
  • Design data models and architecture for excellent performance, and with flexibility and scalability in mind
  • Work within the cloud environment
  • Perform technological evaluations to assess tool choice and efficiency for the safe delivery and storage of data

We are looking for you to have some of the following skills:
  • 3+ years experience in data or software engineering
  • Proficiency in at least one OOP language, preferably Python
  • Sound understanding of agile principles
  • Experience with technologies such as Kubernetes, Kafka, and Airflow

The industry is rapidly changing and there is always something new to learn, which is why we encourage team members to take 2 days per month dedicated to self development and learning - whether you pursue personal interests, or professional interests is up to you!

You can benefit from internal training events, workshops, and take advantage of funding for courses & certifications to further your development

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