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Lead Data Analyst - Oslo


Job description

Lead Data Analyst - Oslo


We are looking for a data analyst to lead a growing in-house analytics team, bringing expertise in both business & technology to enhance the data-driven potential

This is a new position, and a relatively new team, which means great flexibility in terms of the technology used and the overall future strategic direction of the team, and you can be involved in making decisions in both areas.

You will be hands-on to suggest creative solutions, translating their requirements into data modelling, and working closely with your team to deliver meaningful results

You will also be tasked with helping to grow the team, and expand the advanced analytics offerings in-house.

All of the customers you will work with are in the Cloud, and with an increasing focus on machine learning/AI, this can also be a great role to continue keeping up to date with the latest data-driven solutions

Whilst you may work closely alongside the consulting team who deliver solutions using Microsoft technology, such as PowerBI, Azure, and PowerPlatform, you will be based as part of the core internal team, and responsible for growing the in-house advanced analytics capabilities.

Customers are both public and private sector, with varying requirements when it comes to understanding insights and requiring solutions. We are looking for you to bring a business-mind, and experience working with advanced analytics to understand their requirements, the data that they have, and be able to suggest innovative solutions to improve their efficiency

We are looking for you to have:
  • At least 3 x years' experience in hands-on data/analytical role
  • Excellent advisory & communication skills to liaise with technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • Good understanding of technical concepts & processes related to areas such as business intelligence, machine learning and Cloud
  • Previous leadership or management experience is beneficial but not essential

Along with excellent opportunities for technical development, there are opportunities to progress your career as an early member of the analytics environment in the company, helping to shape the working methods and being a key part of the decision-making process

You will also receive a fair & competitive salary, along with a bonus scheme of up to 30% and the opportunity to own shares in the company

There is funding for professional courses, along with internal workshops that you can take part in

All equipment for your role will be provided - both software & hardware

You can also take advantage of the social benefits on offer to make your time at work, and outside of work, more enjoyable!

With regular gatherings, lunches, hobby groups, and company-wide get togethers, you will be truly welcomed to your working family!

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