A Tenth Revolution Group Company

Ref: 31082023

Network and Security Specialist

Switzerland, Geneva

Job description

Network and Security Specialist



Your role will encompass the assessment, strategizing, procurement, activation, testing, and release of platforms (hardware, software, networking, Cloud environment) essential for operating Information Frameworks. Additionally, you'll be accountable for establishing operational prerequisites.


Rollout and resolution of challenges linked to operational networks (LAN/WAN, OSPF, Entry/Datacenter) via Cisco's technological solutions. Possess an extensive understanding of Palo Alto's Firewall mechanisms. Oversee network performance and soundness. Proficiency in proxy technologies / Load balancing / F5 BIG-IP. Adeptness with Cisco's WLAN technologies. In-depth comprehension of cloud security and networking mechanisms within Azure. Managing appeals, instituting and executing DNS operations, as well as overseeing PKI. Collaboration with other IT factions (Support, Systems, Cybersecurity, ...).

Desired Profile:

University diploma or its equivalence, with at least 2 years of higher-level education. Professional endorsements within the technology arena. Exceeding 5 years of analogous engagement. Skills in both systems and network engineering. Complete mastery of Systems and Networks architectures. Apprehension of data engineering. A strong command of information safeguarding notions. Proficiency in English, reaching a minimum B2 level. Communication and simplification acumen. Self-sufficient work management capability. Competencies in design and quandary resolution. Aptitude for fathoming intricacies and conceptual abstraction.