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Ref: 80823

Senior Software Engineer (Go & Kubernetes)


Job description

Senior Software Engineer (Go & Kubernetes)


Join a dynamic team as a Senior Software Engineer, specializing in Go and Kubernetes, and play a pivotal role in the evolution of our cutting-edge Kubernetes operator for a next-generation distributed NoSQL database. As an integral member of our engineering force, you will lead architectural design endeavours and spearhead the implementation of our innovative SaaS offering. Your expertise will also be instrumental in shaping our open-source operator. A significant portion of your contributions will revolve around harnessing the power of Golang.

Key Responsibilities:

* Innovate and craft new functionalities for Operators and our trailblazing SaaS solution.

* Collaborate with the thriving Open Source community to fuel knowledge exchange and progress.

* Engage in analytical activities, aiding in issue assessment, resolution, and exceptional customer support.

* Translate your profound analytical acumen into robust algorithms, enriching our solutions.

* Contribute actively to our team's continuous integration and meticulously orchestrated release lifecycle.

Desired Qualifications:

* Accumulate 4+ years of hands-on proficiency in Golang software development.

* Exhibit a comprehensive grasp of the Linux operating environment.

* Demonstrate a track record of working with container technologies, showcasing your prowess.

* Cultivate a wealth of experience in microservices development, inclusive of a profound comprehension of pertinent concepts such as APIs, versioning, and monitoring.

* Showcase adeptness in written and spoken English, fostering effective communication.

* Display a history of crafting Kubernetes controllers/operators, underscoring your technical aptitude.

* Possess familiarity with the CAP Theorem, enhancing your theoretical foundation.

* Garner expertise in Namespace / Cgroups, contributing to your holistic skill set.

* Foster a deep-seated familiarity with developing cloud-native applications at scale, illuminating your capabilities.

* Exhibit a seasoned background in distributed NoSQL databases, showcasing your proficiency.

* Embrace a proven history of active participation in Open Source development, further highlighting your commitment.

If you are a passionate software engineering visionary, ready to wield your mastery of Go and Kubernetes to shape the future of distributed databases, I eagerly await your application.