Ref: AB090622

Software Development Manager

Switzerland, Nyon

Job description

Software Development Manager


In this position you will:
* Propose the strategic and tactical development plans for our software portfolio
* Manage the development and deployment of our HMI
* Manage the development and optimization of our PLC and CNC
* Manage end life products
* Lead our team of 3 software engineers and external resources
* Write specifications for customized machines and internal projects and ensure that the
software required is developed on-time and defect free
* Be the direct interface with other departments
* Correct bugs and continuously improve the base of installed software
* Support Customers and Service Engineers on the field to fix software issues, accuracy issues
and connectivity issues
* Improve dynamic and static accuracy of our machine tools
* Develop Graphical User Interface for customized project (WPF)
* Develop/Improve algorithms for Automatic Calibrations, Image Processing, Home Made
Sensors, … (C#)
* Develop/Improve PLC projects for our machine tools and future models (Codesys)
* Oversee the CNC settings optimization
* Write documentation and procedure on the developed software (installed and future
For this position, we are looking for candidates with the following profile:
* Software engineering background including at least 5 years of software development for
industrial equipments
* At least three years previous experience in managing software development teams
* Project management expertise, including scheduling and tracking
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