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C++ Software Enginee


Job description

C++ Software Enginee

C++ Software Enginee

Job Description

Our software engineers exhibit excellent design, development, and debugging experience within a Linux storage environment. You will join a team currently implementing new/modern storage software. This role requires the ability to work in various areas of low-level storage controller designs with concepts including protocols, APIs, and storage related applications. The position is broad and encourages an expansion of personal expertise into the latest software defined storage technologies.

Role & Responsibilities
    • Understanding and implementing product requirements via new and existing technology stacks.
    • Implementing automated unit test cases surrounding your code.
    • Participating in bi-directional code reviews, design discussions, and task breakdowns.
    • Collaborating with teammates in an Agile software development lifecycle
    • Expanding your knowledge of new storage technologies and the software behind them.

Skills & Qualifications:
    • 5+ years of C/C++ software development experience within the area of storage appliances and/or enterprise storage systems
    • High level of english.
    • Strong experience developing software within the Linux environment, e.g.: general administration, kernel interaction, networking, scripting languages, development tools etc.
    • Excellent analytical and debugging skills
    • Direct experience developing code for SAN/NAS servers
    • Understanding and experience with software development of protocols such as SMB, NFS, Samba.
    • Development level exposure to enterprise level storage technologies, distributed file systems, snapshots, replication, clustering, high availability, de-duplication, and related concepts.
    • Conversance with agile software development methodologies and task break down methodologies, such as: scrum-ban, stand-ups, story mapping, planning poker, etc.t

    • Open and friendly culture
    • High business ethics: no discrimination on the basis of gender, age or religion
    • Flexibility to work remotely from Portugal or Spain
    • Permanent contract
    • Attractive salary
    • Retirement plan from 7 months onwards
    • 23 holiday days + additional union days
    • Flexible working hours
    • Medical insurance and life and accident insurance
    • 6 euros/day meal allowance
    • Flexible working hours from 9:00 to 18:00