Ref: Front-End Engineer

Senior Front-End Engineer


Job description

Senior Front-End Engineer

Front-End Engineer

Job Details:

Senior Front-End Engineer ( English Only ) No Japanese required. Overseas candidate also can apply.

Position Details

- Design and improve large-scale front-end architecture and its core framework.

- Lead and develop innovative and intuitive UI components.

- Collaborate with back-end engineers to build seamless connectivity between UI and API.

- Research, develop, and bring in new web technologies.

- Work with product managers and UI/UX designers to create new ground-breaking features.

- Improve performance, reliability, maintainability, and quality of the product.

- Coach members in technical skills.

- Maximize developer experience in the team.

Mandatory Qualifications:

- B.S. or M.S. in computer science or equivalent.

- 4+ years of experience in front-end web applications development using:


  • JavaScript/Typescript

  • React

  • Redux/Flux

  • Babel, Webpack, Yarn/npm

  • RESTful API

  • Jest, Cypress

- Solid understanding of single page applications, universal/isomorphic JavaScript, SASS/SCSS, responsive design.

- Experienced in writing unit tests and integration tests in large scale.

- Understanding of web performance in JS and CSS.

- Strong communication skills, positive character, and empathy.

- Strong motivation for developing products with team spirit.

- Wish to improve, suggest ideas for your organization and teams.

- Strong UX and design sensibilities, care about the smallest details.

- English Fluent

Desired Qualifications:

- Experience with:

  • NodeJS, Express, Middleware.

  • Mono-repo architecture

  • Continuous integration/continuous delivery systems with Jenkins/Docker/Kubernetes.

  • Development of a product with internationalization and localization.

  • Support of a large scale React application.

- Contribution to open source.

- Knowledge of travel business or related.