Ref: IBA52218

IT Business Analyst

USA, New York

Job description

IT Business Analyst


Business Analyst -



Serves as a role model to others as the embodiment of excellence. Takes ownership of assignments and personal pride in producing work that exceeds expectations


In an effort to contribute more to the Company, actively seeks out opportunities to expand skill set and knowledge through formal and informal learning opportunities. Looks for opportunities to share knowledge and skills with others

Actively looks for opportunities to make improvements that will benefit the whole and further the Company's progress. Approaches problems with critical thinking. Thinks independently

Actively strives to improve efficiencies and presents ideas to increase productivity


Interprets Management's policies & operating practices when executing responsibilities


Exercises discretion, poise, and professionalism when representing Company internally and externally. Embodies humility and respect.


Understands and appreciates own role's value to the organization as a whole

Raises questions and concerns in a proactive way that include suggestions for improvement


Consistently embodies integrity, honesty, and loyalty to the Company. Complies with Company's time and attendance policies and procedures


Actively fosters a sense of teamwork among colleagues. Actively looks for opportunities to assist co-workers. Puts the interests of the company before personal interests.

Demonstrates business acumen in relevant areas with an understanding of external context. Values the Company's unique history and culture. Seeks first and foremost to understand.


Ensures an ongoing alignment with the IT Department and remote site Management regarding the effectiveness of the current IT Solutions.

Facilitates an ongoing conversation with the Business Process owners and the IT department about the status of ongoing initiatives.

Drives the alignment of the Core Model with our local business process.

Understands new opportunities for existing IT Solutions in our remote facilities and aligns the IT management team on these opportunities.

Ensures that end users receive the technical support, guidance, and troubleshooting support necessary to fulfill the duties of their roles.

Ensures that software issues and other system functionality challenges are escalated appropriately in a timely and effective way.

Ensures that end users can effectively and efficiently utilize IT tools.

Ensures best results through collaboration with colleagues.

Ensures that IT issues are addressed promptly and professionally with minimum interruption to business processes.

Ensures that issues are escalated properly.

Ensures that documentation is thorough, accurate, prompt and useful.

Ensures that special projects assigned by management are completed correctly.

Ensures that all projects and tasks are completed according to schedules and deadlines.