newRef: NodeJS25/1/23

Software Developer


  • Up to SEK 55,000 SEK
  • Developer Role
  • Skills: NodeJS, backend, AWS, Fullstack, developer, react, docker,
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

Software Developer


  • I'm currently working with a Gothenburg-based company which specialises in Mobile Game Streaming "The Netflix of mobile games".

    A small, 20 person company of talented engineers and industry specialists, their service allows over 150 million people worldwide to play the top games on the app store, without pescy advertisements and in-app purchase requirements, for a flat monthly fee.

    Their system is very complex, developing and deploying petascale Edge computing services in the Cloud and on-prem. As their customers stream games through their server, low-latency and keeping the server close to the end user is critical to ensure the games run smoothly, so your work will have a direct impact in real time!

  • Whilst a small, and family-like company, they are hugely backed with complete ownership over their growth, choosing to grow organically and at a super steady pace, despite being around for 12 years!

    They are currently looking for a talented Fullstack developer to join the team in Gothenburg

    NodeJS, React, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes

    Role & Responsibilities

    Develop and deploy petascale Edge Computing Services in the cloud and on-premise.
    • Create new global microservices in Node.js/Javascript running on AWS Lambda or dockerized on large autoscaling bare metal clusters.
    • New functionality in our React frontend.
    • Running, adapting and compiling Android and Android emulators.
    • Dynamically optimizing framerate, image compressions and resolution.
    • Implement big data analyzation and neural network prediction of user behavior in real time.

    Skills & Qualifications

      • 2+ years of backend development (preferably Node.js).
      • 2+ years of experience with DevOps, Docker, Linux & AWS or other cloud providers.
      • A genuine interest in everything from software development to hardware to Linux kernel compilation