A Tenth Revolution Group Company

Ref: OCT17-01

Embedded Software Engineer

Switzerland, Vaud

Job description

Embedded Software Engineer


We present you with an opportunity to work in a thriving industry, as part of a leading company that highly values its workforce.


1. Developing user-friendly and dependable products.
2. Actively contributing as a member of a small, efficient, international, and cross-functional team.
3. Enhancing our processes and methodologies.
4. Collaborating effectively with teams situated across the globe.


1. 5 Years at least in C++ Dev
2. Practical experience in contemporary software design and development.
3. Familiarity with scripting languages like Python and Bash.
4. Proficiency in the English language (Fluency in French or German is a bonus).

Desirable Qualifications:

1. Previous experience in IoT (Internet of Things).
2. Knowledge of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).
3. Experience with low-level protocols such as UART, SPI, and I2C.
4. Understanding of communication standards like 3G, 4G, LoRaWAN, and mioty, as well as lightweight communication protocols like LwM2M and MQTT.
5. Experience working with ultra-low-power devices.