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React Developer - Fully Remote - Blockchain Platform - 6000€

Belgium, Flemish Brabant

Job description

React Developer - Fully Remote - Blockchain Platform - 6000€


React Expert - Scaling Start-up

Online event-management platform for blockchain

100% Remote Work - Netherlands


Blockchain is currently hot, with crypto, NFTs and all these fancy new stuff. So, what is missing? A really interesting event-management platform for blockchain! That's exactly what this company has built. For the first time, they are ready to scale-up and they are searching for new members to join their team.

They are raising their own cryptocurrency which will be used to drive the platform. Certain features are gonna require users to stake the company's token and tokens will be rewarded to use the platform. They have an NFT marketplace allowing creators to mint and list their NFTs directly from the platform.

They have a complete eco-system allowing them not just to sell their NFT, but also to maintain their community and manage their events such that these creators can curate and incentivize their communities to purchase those NFTs.

Creators can import their communities directly from external integrations into the platform. As an example, currently, a creator would list his NFT on A, his products at B, his streaming at C (Twitch/YouTube), his tickets at D, requiring them to use multiple platforms. This company tries to bring everything in a single platform. Furthermore, they help creators create their POAP token, meaning the guests of your experience can mint a free token indicating they attended your event. This way you have for example your own exclusive club and you can give benefits to the holders of this token.

Furthermore, they will create a protocol, which will be used to bridge the online web3 space with the offline world (we cannot say more about it right now), and will not only be used by users directly but also be offered as a service to other companies. Since from origin they are an offline-first platform working with events, they will represent every event ticket by an NFT, thereby, representing the ownership and ticket holder on the blockchain. They will allow creators to raise their own social token backed by our own token which they can use in their own community, require/reward guests this social token when participating in the events hosted by the creator.

  • Salary based on experience can go up to 7 000€ gross per month base on experience

  • Building infrastructure that seamlessly bridges web2 & web3 capabilities into one platform.
  • Support NFT / token enabled (Event ticketing/ Donations/ Shops/ Live-streaming/ Social games/ Community management/ Data ownership)
  • Build scalable and efficient Web2 and Web3 solutions
  • Build new business features
  • Evaluate state and lifecycle management
  • Evaluate quality attributes like scalability, reusability, performance, and user experience

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science
  • 4+ years of re as a frontend developer with some experience across the full-stack.
  • js, Redux, Webpack, TypeScript, and GraphQL
  • Strong engineering and React.js fundamentals
  • Understanding of architecture, build systems, basic networking, and state and lifecycle management


100% remote - Netherlands

Application Process:

Reach out to me, Marie Dif to know more about it. Call at +3278486826 or write to my email at

It's a quick and smooth 3-stage process.