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Mainframe Developer/Technical Architect/Functional Architect


Job description

Mainframe Developer/Technical Architect/Functional Architect


Japanese language proficiency of JLPT N2 or above, or conversational English
7 to 10 years of experience in the field
Based in Tokyo
Proficient in COBOL, Mainframe Assembler, and LDL programming languages
Skilled in working with DB2 and IMS/DB databases
Knowledgeable in operating systems such as Fujitsu (BS2000, etc.), Hitachi (VOS, etc.), NEC mainframe, IBM Z/OS, IBM OS390
Experienced in system maintenance and management of various mainframe subsystems, batch/online testing, integrated development, printer software, SMPE, VSAM, RACF, TAPE, DASD maintenance, mainframe system programming, data structures/algorithms, storage management utilities, SMF, performance measurement tools/technologies, and basic understanding of DEVOPS/CLOUD
Nice to have skills include C, JAVA, various scripting languages, and data migration experience
Skilled in mainframe platform engineering, mainframe architecture, SDLC and integrated development, modernization and automation of mainframe systems
Experience in managing mainframe modernization and re-hosting projects, consulting, customer support, team leadership, and collaboration with stakeholders for project execution.