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Integration Developer

Poland, Masovia

Job description

Integration Developer


We are looking for an experienced Integration Developer with a strong understanding of cloud technologies and expertise in system integration. You are the right candidate if you possess the following skills and experience:

Required qualifications:
  • Familiarity with Webservices standards, including SOAP and REST.
  • Experience working with various data exchange formats, such as XML, JSON, CSV.
  • Understanding of data mapping and conversion concepts.
  • Practical experience in building integrations using integration components in cloud environments, including Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, as well as other integration platforms and components (e.g., Dell Boomi, Tibco, Software AG, WSO2).
  • Knowledge of API Management, including tools like Apigee and Kong, and the ability to work with data streaming technologies like Apache Kafka.
  • Basic knowledge of different data structures and types, including flat, relational, and object structures.
  • Excellent command of the English language, both spoken and written.
  • An additional advantage would be a basic understanding of one or more of the following programming languages: .NET, Python, Java, JavaScript, SQL.

    As an Integration Developer, your responsibilities will include:

  • Designing and implementing efficient and reliable integration solutions that connect various systems and services using Webservices, including SOAP and REST.

  • Developing and maintaining data transformation and mapping processes to ensure seamless data exchange between different formats such as XML, JSON, and CSV.

  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to understand integration requirements and design scalable solutions that meet business needs.

  • Building and configuring integration components within cloud platforms, including Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS, as well as other integration tools like Dell Boomi, Tibco, Software AG, and WSO2.

  • Managing APIs using tools like Apigee and Kong, and ensuring proper security and access control.

  • Implementing data streaming solutions, such as Apache Kafka, for real-time data processing and analysis.

  • Providing expertise in various data structures, including flat, relational, and object-oriented, to optimize data handling.

  • Collaborating with international teams, requiring excellent English language skills for effective communication.

  • Leveraging programming languages like .NET, Python, Java, JavaScript, or SQL for custom integrations and enhancements.

If you are someone who enjoys challenges and possesses strong integration skills, then this job is for you. We offer an attractive salary and opportunities for professional growth in a dynamic work environment.

If you meet the above criteria and are ready to take on new challenges as an Integration Developer, we look forward to receiving your application.