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Frontend Engineer for Generative AI


Job description

Frontend Engineer for Generative AI


Job Description

Role & Responsibilities
  • Work in close alignment with the other project team members and stakeholders to fully understand background and business requirements of each party and consult them in their activities.
  • Translate the collected business requirements into technical concepts, especially regarding the Generative AI frameworks and architecture.
  • Drive the sustainable implementation of our new GenAI-oriented Supply Chain Intelligence platform, including:
  • Professional software development and implementation by utilizing the company´s standard DevOps platforms / libraries
  • Construction, deployment, and implementation of microservices on the Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • GenAI functionalities, especially high-performance of the applications
  • You can create product requirement documents and maintain it in an agile working mode, e. g. in Azure DevOps boards and tasks.
  • Work in an international and agile DevOps environment and you apply agile principles for setting priorities and managing multiple stakeholders in a challenging business environment.
  • Sharing your knowledge and expertise with colleagues and promoting a culture of AI-driven innovation within the organization
  • Manage communication with external vendors to validate the landscape design & integration concept.

Skills & Qualifications
  • you will discuss data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Generative AI and workflow features with users and translate the collected business requirements into technical concepts for Generative AI and machine learning (ML) engineers and UI developers.
  • As a Frontend Engineer, you will be responsible for the development of front-end applications that meet the needs of the user. In this role, you will discuss application features with users, , and write the code for the final web application.
  • To ensure success as a Generative-AI-inspired Frontend Engineer, you should have in-depth knowledge of of front-end languages and excellent visualization skills, combined with excellent skills to understand the power of Generative AI to interact with the user in Frontends.
  • You will implement functional requirements for the application that meet the needs of the internal clients of our Supply Chain decision intelligence platform.
  • You can create and maintain applications using leading frameworks like Angular or Vue.
  • You will collaborate with global and regional services units and an external partner in both project delivery as well as service and support.
  • In your role, you support the transition from project phase to successful operations for the new Supply Chain Intelligence platform, which also includes Generative AI features.
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