Ref: junio 2022

B2B Loyalty & Data analyst


Job description

B2B Loyalty & Data analyst

junio 2022

Job Description

As our B2B Data Analyst, you are responsible for our B2B Loyalty strategy and CXO capabilities in B2B platform of the 15 distributors of SiH. You develop the business case of our B2B Loyalty Programme, based on customer personas and segments , to drive the required customer behavior, volume and margin growth. You work together the customers, sales reps and each Gerente (Distributor Manager) to run the most effective online loyalty mechanics, define the ideal customer onboarding experience, identify and implement digital services that drive customer adoption and loyalty.

Role & Responsibilities

-Leverage customer segmentation, purchasing behavior and the power of our portfolio to drive incremental sales

-Define pricing strategy for B2B channel

-AB testing for new visuals, call-to-action, functionalities

-Leverage Customer Satisfaction surveys to drive adoption, B2B Backlog and Customer Service procedures

-Define, run and improve the B2B Loyalty programme, with positive ROI and revenue and margin growth

-Identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities based on quantitative and qualitative data from all channels

-Identify customer needs/gains that can be solved through digital services. Digital Customer Satisfaction >> Offline Customer Satisfaction

-Collaborate with HEINEKEN Spain, HEINEKEN International, suppliers to implement improvements to the B2B

-Pro-actively maintaining relations with internal and external stakeholders, representing e-commerce to the rest of the SIH/HESA organization, aligning with other departments to grow B2B e-commerce together

Skills & Qualifications

  • -Bachelor or Master degree, preferably in computer science, marketing or business

    -Demonstrable knowledge of:

    -e-commerce functions:
    • AB tests to drive value, customer adoption
    • User research
    • Loyalty strategy and implementation that drives incremental sales and positive ROI. Salesforce Loyalty Management
    • Usage of customer behavioral analytics tools (google analytics, hotjar) to understand journey and optimization opportunities
    • Analyze behavioral data to drive cross-selling and up-selling
    • Revenue management skills appreciated, to drive pricing strategy

    Languages: Spanish, flawless English