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Kubernetes Administrator


Job description

Kubernetes Administrator


Job Description

The Kubernetes Administrator will be tasked to deploy and manage the firm's Kubernetes clusters globally. You will have the opportunity to be at the centre of the work required to provide the best kubernetes platform for the firm's container runtime

Role & Responsibilities
  • Enabling CNCF solutions that drive developer efficiency and infrastructure stability
  • Engineering and implementation of components within the Kubernetes infrastructure
  • Integration with on-premise and public-cloud dependencies and services

Skills & Qualifications
  • Experience with the implementation, architecture and operation of an on-premises containerized environment
  • Hands-on configuration, management and upgrades of a Kubernetes platform
  • Expertise in at least one scripting and/or high level language
  • In-depth knowledge of Linux Containers

  • Competitive salary
  • Work for a prestigious global firm
  • Opportunity to work towards your own goals and aspirations