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Senior Network & Endpoint Security Engineer

USA, New York

Job description

Senior Network & Endpoint Security Engineer

security ny

Senior Network & Endpoint Security Engineer

We are looking for a Security engineer responsible for implementation of deception/ honeypot tooling and use

cases including agent/ decoy deployment, tool configuration, campaign implementation, documentation

and SEIM integration. We are looking for someone with 6-8+ years' engineering experience, able to

function as an independent, engineering SME on the team.


* Implement DB's honeypot and deception platform following industry best practice, provide SME

level knowledge

* Facilitate deployment of endpoint agents, perform agent configuration, testing, certification and


* Collaborate with Security / Threat teams and End User Computing teams to define targets and

coordinate deployment

* Configure honeypot / decoy servers to meet threat-based use cases, deploy, document and

support campaigns

* Configure SEIM integration, manage data feed and alert configuration

* Establish product support procedures, oversee L1/L2 teams and provide L3 support

Functional Skills:

* Implement and engineer network security tools in an enterprise environment

* Highly proactive, self-starter with strong work ethics, high level of professionalism

* Take ownership of deliverables, troubleshoot and resolve issues

* Exceptional level of communication and leadership skills

* Ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines, maintaining attention to detail

* Produce high quality documentation (HLD/LLD/KOP)

Technical Skills:

* Honeypots, deception technologies (Attivo experience prioritized)

* In-depth knowledge of network and endpoint deception challenges, technologies and tools

* Endpoint security agent packaging, testing, deployment and support

* Network Security tooling implementation & operational support (L3)

* Strong understanding of networking and architecture principles, cyber threats / attacks

* ITIL process awareness and knowledge of CMDB, change & incident management

* Additional Experience: Windows, Unix, Splunk, Coding