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Five reasons why you should consider a Java contractor

By Jamie Mercer

Hiring a new developer won’t be a walk in the park. There are occasions where you’ll face roadblocks, and this could be where you need to bring in a Java contractor.

Contractors are some of the most skilled developers in the marketplace. Highly experienced with Java, they’ll come into your business and complete all tasks to a high standard.

While they may not be a permanent fixture, it’s these guys who have the skills to plug the skills gap in your team.

There are a lot of situations you might find yourself where a Java contractor could come in handy. Here are just a few:

Your team has lost a Java developer

Throughout the development process, it’s vital you stick to project deadlines. Whether you’re starting from scratch or making improvements, you’ll need the right people in place to test and deploy your project; otherwise, you can face delays.

Every member of your development team has a part to play whether it’s coding, testing or deploying a product, and so removing one person from that process can lead to a failed product deployment. This is where a contractor can step in and plug the gap if a member of your team leaves the business, or has to step away from the project.

Not every business will have another developer on hand to fill in, and looking for a new permanent developer can remove staff from other projects. Hiring a freelance developer can remove all this stress, as a Java contractor will have the skills to pick up where a previous developer has left an application.

Every contractor has the specific skills and expertise to make them a specialist in their field.  But they’ll also have core Java knowledge that allows them to look at a development plan and get on with the task at hand saving you time and money.

You’re in a candidate-scarce area

The software development industry is always growing. New languages are continuously being added to the repertoire of developers, but Java has remained constant throughout all the changes.

Statistics show that Java is the most commonly used language in a business environment, and to succeed in application development, you’ll need to identify a developer who meets your exact requirements.

There will be options available, whether that’s in the permanent or contract market, and even if you need a little helping hand from recruitment partner, you will find a person who fits with your needs.

But there are areas where permanent hires are in short supply, and if your business operates in places where candidates are less than plentiful, you could consider hiring a Java contractor.

“Not all businesses operate within the city centre, or have a strong talent pool available within a few mile radius,” says Ben Townsend, Manager at FRG Technology Consulting. “If you’re in this scenario, hiring a contractor could solve all your issues. Permanent developers like strong transport links and a comfortable office that is easily accessible. If you’re unable to offer this, it can limit the developers you can hire.”

“On the other hand,” Ben continues. “Java contractors are project-based, fully mobile developers who’ll travel anywhere in the UK and further afield to complete a job. So if you need a developer to clear a backlog of small tasks, or commit to a six-month project, then hiring a contractor can prove to be the most beneficial option for your business.”

Your permanent hire falls through

When recruiting, it’s imperative to choose a developer who shares your vision and values and will stick with your business. But things can go wrong, and having a backup plan in place by hiring Java contractors can save you time.

Deciding to hire a permanent developer will mean other members of your team will need to take time out to perform the interview, look over technical assessments, and make the job offer.

After this process, you may think your business is home and dry. However, it’s during this period that you can face the toughest challenge yet. A four-week notice period can be a tricky time to keep a new hire on side, and if their current company comes in with a counter-offer, you may lose your next hire.

This new hire may have been selected to work on a specific project or balance out your workload, and without this new developer, you could struggle.

But hiring a Java contractor to get you back on track couldn’t be easier. They will come into your business, act as a temporary stop-gap, and fulfil the project requirements expected of your new permanent hire.

Finding yourself in this situation is never ideal but having a list of trusted contractors can speed up the process if this issue occurs. A contractor will travel to you, which means there will always be availability to suit your needs.

You’re looking to cut down the time of a project

The world of Java development is booming. More businesses are choosing to utilise the language to develop applications that keep them one step ahead of their competition.

Throughout development, you’ll need to remember that applications take time to become fully functional. Every new aspect will need to go through a planning, development and testing process before it’s deployed, which can take developers long periods of time depending on your chosen methodology.

Bringing in a contract developer can speed up this process and help you meet the project deadlines initially set out in the development plan, which also you’ll keep your clients onside.

Offering an extra resource to your development team, they’ll give you the chance to put more eyes and hands in front of a code base to solve any issues that crop up, and then deploy the application ready for use in the real world.

Utilising the services of a contractor can also provide a learning experience for junior members of your development team looking to expand their skill set. Although they will have been brought into your business to code, contractors can demonstrate a more in-depth knowledge of Java which they can pass on to lower level developers allowing them to grow and become a more accomplished programmer.

You’re looking to invest in your application

Hiring the right developer can be a costly exercise, whether you choose to look in the permanent or contract marketplace. But with many businesses now considering developers among their most valuable assets, perhaps it’s time for you to invest.

Many organisations choose to go down the route of a permanent hire, but depending on the technical expertise needed to develop your application, a Java contractor could be more beneficial.

Creating a development plan can help you figure out exactly how long it will take for developers to meet all the requirements of an application. From this plan, you can then find a contractor with the right skill level to come into your business and help you remain productive.

Choosing to hire a contractor will also mean your business will only need to pay for them until the project is complete.

Your business may also find that a contract developer will work remotely, which, if you’re a small business, can help save the cost of extra office space or travel, so you can reinvest your funds into other areas of your organisation.

Java contractor rates

When it comes to hiring a developer, the Java developer contract rates you’ll face will change whether you choose to go for a permanent or contract hire.

What you need to remember is that the Java marketplace is booming and whether you’re based in the North or South, you’ll be faced with different Java contractor rates depending on your location and business needs.

Many organisations have started to look to the contract market place as their first port of call, especially for smaller organisations who require a developer to come in for a few days and meet their project deadline.

Finding the perfect developer won’t be easy. You may need to scour the Java contractor scene for the right person, and with a mid-level developer normally the starting point, our salary survey reports your business will have to pay around £400 per day to secure their services.

But those Java contractor rates can rise if you’re looking to hire a senior developer or technical architect, with rates sitting at around £500 per day.

There are occasions when the cost can jump to the region of £700 per day if you require a specific framework.

What to look for in a Java contractor

Bringing in a contractor can mean you’ve got a strict deadline to hit, which means you may not have the same amount of time to sift through CVs as when making a permanent hire your business.

If you’re looking to speed up recruitment, a recruiter can assist this process, but you should never hire a contractor based solely on their CV. Some applicants may not have all their Java skills listed on a CV, so a phone call or face-to-face meeting should tell you whether or not the candidate will be a good culture fit for your business.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure they can do the job you’ve advertised, so get in touch with a previous client for a reference or ask to see an example of their work.

Having all this information to hand when choosing a developer can help you make an informed decision, so it’s crucial that you consider all of the aspects before you commit to making a hire.

Hiring a developer is a huge decision for your business to make. Choosing the right person will take time, and if you need to hit a project deadline, a Java contractor can help to keep you on track.

Finding the right developer can be the start of a fruitful relationship, so if you need Java development resource, it could be time to take the plunge and make your first contract hire.

Want to find your newest Java developer? Take a look at our candidate search portal.

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