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For Permanent and Contract in Norway

    Ref: 090222_DE_LRW

    Data Engineer - Oslo

    Norway, Oslo

    • Negotiable
    • Engineer Role
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Job description

    We are searching for a data engineer to join the team in Oslo!

    You will be joining a competent data & analytics environment with over 20 members who are making a meaningful contribution towards our journey to be more data-driven every day

    We are creating a modern analytics platform which can be accessed across the organisation and allow for efficient and quality insights to various teams - your task is to make this data accessible!

    You will take part in the end-to-end process, from understanding the data needs, to implementing flexible, scalable and secure pipelines

    Due to the size of the organisation, and variety of departments, you will be transforming data from numerous sources, and ensuring solutions are simple but effective

    Day-to-day tasks can be varied, and we encourage employees to work cross-functionally to gain a better understanding of the the tasks they are completing, and how their work impacts colleagues, and wider teams in the business

    Skills & Experience:
    • 3+ years of work experience as a data or software engineer
    • Proficiency in SQL and Python
    • Experience with data modelling and solution design
    • Familiarity of Agile methodologies, such as DevOps and CI/CD
    • The infrastructure is AWS, although experience with Azure/GCP is also considered beneficial

    The working environment can be fast-paced, with time to innovate and experiment along the way!

    Building a strong team culture is important, and there is one fixed office-day per week to meet with colleagues and collaborate in person

    The team is international with a diverse academic and industrial background, and a combined committment to digital transformation and creating valuable insights

    As a person, we hope you are a true team player and a supportive colleague who is able to mentor juniors in the team, and also collaborate with seniors and management to continually develop personally and professionally

    For any questions, contact Lucy on

    Ref: JFI-11CT

    DevOps Manager

    Norway, Oslo

    • Negotiable
    • Developer Role
    • Skills: Python AWS DevOps Kubernetes
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Job description

    Exciting role to lead a DevOps team (inhouse) in the Media Sector.

    Here are exiting responsibilities..
    • This role is an opportunity to lead a DevOps team focusing in the media industry on a global scale.
    • Primary responsibilities for this role is to provide direction (both technical and people-focused) for the team responsible for seeding and growing DevOps culture in the organization for their key platforms.
    • One of the main focus areas for the role is to transform development processes for existing applications software development but also influencing and educating development and QA teams to adjust working practices in alignment with modern day software development and delivery approaches (CI, CD, AWS).
    • Infrastructure (mainly AWS) and software design, continuous delivery adoption/transformation, Production as well as planning and coaching, are key responsibilities of this role.


    We would love to hear from you if :
    • 5+ years of work experience in DevOps area working with many different tools.
    • 3+ years of team management experience (including hiring, performance management, leadership) for a team of 5+ members.
    • Excellent understanding of SDLC, patching, releases and software development at scale, Continuous Integration and Delivery approaches.
    • Strong knowledge of cloud providers offering, AWS in particular and tools like CloudFormation, Terraform, linux and kubernetes

    Ref: 291221_PSE_LRW

    Python Software Engineer - Oslo

    Norway, Oslo

    • Negotiable
    • Developer Role
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Job description

    We are growing our core team responsible for creating data-driven products and services, with a focus on scalability, robustness, and security, your role will be a critical part of the analytics environment

    You will work closely alongside data scientists, data engineers, and machine learning engineers across the business, collaborating to produce state-of-the-art solutions in data processing and services

    The data you work with allows for insights in to customers behaviour and profile, as well as the efficiency of marketing campaigns, and allowing for more personalised and targeted material across the group

    The team are responsible for maintaining and developing machine learning models that are empowering many use-cases such as: producing insights about our customers, segments for the online advertising on our sites and personalisation of news

    You will also have the opportunity to share knowledge and learn from other data scientists and engineers across the organisation

    We encourage a diverse, collaborative and creative work environment, where you will develop and push for state-of-the-art solutions in big data processing as well as building reliable and highly scalable services.

    Your day-to-day could include:
    • Working together with machine learning engineers and data scientists on deployment and
    • monitoring of our machine learning models
    • Building, maintaining, designing and optimising data processing pipelines
    • Ensuring best practice across the team with code reviews and testing, as well as solid data
    • governance
    • Working closely with product managers to produce solutions meeting customers needs, as well as
    • assisting internal teams to allow for more data-driven products and services

    If you have an interest in machine learning and data science, you will have the chance to work with the team on monitoring and deploying ML models

    Skills & Experience:
    • University education in computer science or similar
    • Experience with one or more of the following languages: Python, Scala, Java
    • Knowledge of DevOps/ CI/CD solutions is beneficial
    • Experience with public or private Cloud and container technology

    For any questions, contact Lucy on

    Ref: 131221_DE_LRW

    Data Engineer - Oslo

    Norway, Oslo

    • 700000 to 900000 NOK
    • Engineer Role
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Job description

    We are looking for a data engineer to join a growing in-house team in Oslo!

    As a company in FinTech, you will work with a variety of data sets and sources, including customer information, transactional data, and product/operational data

    You will be joining an established data & analytics team consisting of data engineers, scientists and analysts, allowing you to work cross-functionally, and gain a great insight into the entire data lifecycle. You will work collaboratively with the analysts and scientists to ensure a cohesive process and optimise the platform for business-use.

    You can take an active role in building & operating the data platform based on Azure - working with Data Factory and Databricks. You will also get to work on engineering and implementing highly scalable systems and data pipelines in the platform, and design & implement solutions to support data lake and data warehousing infrastructure

    As an experienced member of the team, you will take an active role in defining standards and best practice for data engineering, and communicate these with the teams

    Your work will allow teams across the business to develop data-driven products and services, and you can engage with stakeholders to understand business processes & value drivers

    We are looking for you to have at least some of the following skills/experience:
    • Experience with Python
    • Experience with SQL
    • Experience of developing services and applications on Cloud is beneficial
    • Familiarity of ETL-processes
    • Knowledge and hands-on experience with some of the state-of-the-art big data technologies, i.e. Kafka or Spark is beneficial

    There are lots of benefits on offer, including:
    • A competitive salary based on experience
    • 7-16% pension
    • Comprehensive medical insurance with guaranteed specialist care and 24 hour access to a doctor
    • Travel insurance for yourself and close family (business and leisure travel)
    • All tools required for your role
    • Access to training, courses and workshops
    • Personalised progression plan, whether you hope to eventually lead your own team, or perhaps explore new opportunities in fields such as BI, data science, ML or advanced analytics - anything is possible!

    For any questions, contact Lucy on

    Ref: 130121_BDE_LRW

    Big Data Engineer - Oslo

    Norway, Oslo

    • Negotiable
    • Engineer Role
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Job description

    Data has become a vital part of our day-to-day lives, and our vision is to enable quality and compliant data access across the whole business to drive more data-driven products and services

    Working with the media & insights industry, there are lots of data points and events constantly streaming in real-time, this demands a functional and flexible data environment. In practical terms, this means you will be working with modern technologies within data engineering and big data in a fast-paced setting

    As part of an established data & insights department, you will be tasked with designing, implementing and maintaining the data platform which is accessible by teams across the organisation

    You will work alongside fellow data engineers, along with data analysts, scientists, and reporting to an engineering manager. Collaboration between teams across the business is essential to a cohesive working environment, and you will meet lots of talented team members along the way

    Your day-to-day could include:
    • Designing and implementing scalable data pipelines (our main code base is Python)
    • Design data models and architecture for excellent performance, and with flexibility and scalability in mind
    • Work within the cloud environment
    • Perform technological evaluations to assess tool choice and efficiency for the safe delivery and storage of data

    We are looking for you to have some of the following skills:
    • 3+ years experience in data or software engineering
    • Proficiency in at least one OOP language, preferably Python
    • Sound understanding of agile principles
    • Familiarity with technologies such as Kubernetes, Kafka, and Airflow

    The industry is rapidly changing and there is always something new to learn, which is why we encourage team members to take 2 days per month dedicated to self development and learning - whether you pursue personal interests, or professional interests is up to you!

    For any questions, contact Lucy on

    Ref: 211221_DE_LRW

    Data Engineer - Bergen

    Norway, Bergen

    • 700000 to 900000 NOK
    • Engineer Role
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Job description

    We are looking for a data engineer in Bergen!

    The solutions you can provide will range from helping customers to optimise processes, to delivering complete end-to-end data solutions

    You will be working with the whole MS BI & Data stack: DW, ETL, analysis and reporting, Azure Data Lake and Data Factory

    Joining a dedicated team of 15, you will work closely with clients across a range of industries - with a particular emphasis on customers in finance, logistics, shipping & aquaculture

    With a focus on building long-term relationships with customers, you will have great influence over the projects you work on, the solutions you suggest (be as creative as you can!), and the responsibility to own your own projects and work together with colleagues to deliver complete solutions

    We want a dynamic and creative workplace with room to grow, develop and have fun together. Therefore, we encourage everyone who works with us to try to be a role model for their colleagues and live by the values: Recognition, Commitment, and Customer Experience

    To achieve this, we invest in our employees to help them be the best they can be!

    Courses & certifications are encouraged, and covered by the business (we make time during your 'billable hours' and personal development is just as important as professional development - and we know your time outside of work is sacred!)

    Skills & Experience:
    • Strong academic background in engineering/IT related subject
    • 2+ years professional experience in data engineering or BI
    • Experience with Microsoft technologies, including MSSQL, Power BI and Azure is beneficial

    * 6% pension
    * Excellent health insurances
    * Phone & laptop
    * Courses & certifications fully funded and completed during working hours
    * Flexibility on how/where/when you can work
    * Can work abroad for 1 month per year

    For any questions, contact Lucy on

    Ref: 040422_DE_LRW

    Data Engineer - Oslo

    Norway, Oslo

    • Negotiable
    • Engineer Role
    • Seniority: Mid-level

    Job description

    Joining a growing data & analytics department, you will work closely alongside fellow data engineers, and data analysts, to deliver valuable insights to a company in the real-estate industry

    With multiple offices across Europe, and a Head Office based in Oslo, you will be tasked with helping to create a centralised data platform

    With various data sources from property portfolios across Europe, and multiple types of data (operational, customer, transactional) there are plenty of challenges to get in to!

    As part of a smaller team with great flexibility, you will have the opportunity to broaden your skill-set and gain experience in areas that may interest you, such as datawarehouse design, project leadership, and business intelligence.

    Your primary goal is to enable teams across the business develop data-driven products and services

    Your key responsibilities can include:
    • Engineering and implementing highly scalable systems and data pipelines in the data platform
    • Designing and implementing solutions to support data lake and data warehousing infrastructure
    • Engaging with teams across the organisation to understand business processes and value drivers to capture requirements
    • Helping to communicate the best development practices within the organisations (code reviews, unit testing, etc)

    We are looking for you to have some of the following skills & experiences:
    • Experience with Python & SQL
    • Knowledge and hands on experience of developing services and applications on cloud solutions such as Azure Platform, AWS or GCP (we use Azure)
    • Experience with container-based workflows as well as continuous integration and delivery is beneficial
    • Familiarity of ETL-processes, and technologies such as Azure Data Factory
    • Knowledge and hands-on experience with some of the state-of-the-art big data technologies, i.e. Kafka or Spark

    You will be joining an international and informal working environment, where flexibility and functionality are key

    Central to the working culture is the work-life balance to ensure you are as productive as can be in a supportive environment. In practical terms, this means you can work from the office or at home - whatever works for you, and also make good use of flexible working hours to ensure your life outside of work is taken care of too

    Collaboration is key - especially in an industry which moves as quickly as data!

    Regardless of seniority, we encourage everyone to come up with new ideas and be a part of the decision making process - we grow faster together!

    For more information or any questions, contact Lucy on