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JAX DevOps London event 2017: see you there!

By Jamie Mercer

JAX DevOps is a four-day conference for software experts featuring detailed knowledge of the latest technologies and methods for businesses. If you want to be part of accelerated delivery cycles, faster changes in functionality and increased quality in delivery then make sure you become part of the software delivery revolution.

JAX DevOps sessions

The JAX DevOps conference will be hosted on the 4–5 April, which will include over 60 workshops, sessions and keynotes. These will be hosted by more than 40 international speakers and industry experts, where they will provide insightful understandings of real trends and best practices in the industry.

The JAX DevOps sessions will cover a wide range of activities and actions in the industry including discussions about infrastructures in the Cloud, technical support—out of hours, deployment features, microservices, deep learning and artificial intelligence, DevOps in the enterprise, web hacking, software design, and much more.

Take your pick from all these hosted sessions and learn as you go with the opportunity to speak to some of the biggest experts in the industry.

Jax DevOps power workshops

On the first and last days of the JAX DevOps Conference (3–6 April), there will be four power workshops hosted by some of the top industry experts.

Learn how to implement the DDD patterns that are relevant to building great microservice-based systems. In this workshop, you will learn how important technical skills are to help make your microservices adoption a success.

Learn about the main concepts of Docker Swarm, where you will produce an infrastructure environment made of five nodes and install a couple of tools to monitor, gauge and ensure the security of the environment. Attendees will be able to understand what Docker has to offer and build a solid production environment for applications and microservices.

Learn to be a professional hacker in this hacking workshop by using professional security tools through a range of practical tasks. You’ll also get to learn how to deal with a defensive measure for protecting the security holes and how to use professional hacking tools for performing security analyses. The outcome of this workshop will see that you’ll have the practical experience of carrying out attacks on web apps, which allows you to transfer these skills to your own software development work.

Learn how to develop and create your organisation for modern, Cloud-connected software systems viewing several topics including fundamental topology types, how and when to use the fundamental topologies, how to detect and understand other team topologies and to direct these onto the fundamental types using topology fitness functions, the dynamics of team design and how team topologies should evolve, and heuristics for discovering new topologies.

Jax DevOps speakers

Speakers throughout the industry will feature through the four-day conference, including those from Google, Atomist, Financial time, IBM, Contino, CurrencyFair, Ranger4, Nasdaq and much more. The JAX DevOps conference will feature three keynote speakers, starting with Damon Edwards, Chief Product Officer of Rudneck Inc., on DevOps Kaizen: Empowering Teams to find and fix their own problems on the first day of the conference, Tuesday 4 April.

Later that afternoon, Michael O’Rourke, Global Head of Machine Intelligence and Data Services at Nasdaq, will be giving the second keynote of the day on Cooking with Data.

The final keynote of JAX DevOps will be hosted by Dr Jan Hendrik Witte, a numerical analyst working for GreyMaths to build deep learning technologies for use in trading and investing. Jan’s keynote will be on Deep Learning: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Finance.

FRG Technology Consulting at Jax DevOps London

FRG Technology Consulting is pleased to announce that we are exhibiting and participating in JAX DevOps London 2017 as an exhibitor sponsor. If you are attending, make sure you visit our booth to speak to one of our trained recruitment consultants to discuss your staffing needs or your career prospects.

By visiting our booth, our recruitment consultants will offer you informed career advice, giveaway freebies (look out for our mascot—‘Popeye’), and a chance to win big with prize giveaways in our ‘Unlock the Box’ competition.

We recently launched our first Java, Web & PHP salary survey and you can pick up a printed copy at our booth. The results will be collated before the event, but you still have the chance to tell us your experiences as a Java, web or PHP professional, on all aspects of your career from salaries to benefits to your general experiences in the industry.

Sharing your opinion and having your say will help shape and benchmark important factors in the Java, web and PHP community. You will also have the chance to win either an Oculus Rift VR Headset or an official Raspberry Pi Starter Kit just for participating. Click the image below to take the survey now. We can’t wait to connect with many of you at JAX DevOps London.

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