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Top Java and PHP events in 2017

By Jamie Mercer

Here are the main Java and PHP conferences that have already been announced for 2017.

Some of these events are bigger than others, but all of these conferences offer a fantastic insight into the industry with the latest trends and technology news revealed.

Since the majority are spread out throughout the year, you could potentially have the opportunity to attend them all but if you are looking for a specific conference then make sure you read up on the individual agendas.

Each agenda highlights different sessions and workshops so know what to expect before you decide to go.

FRG Technology Consulting has gathered all the main information you need to know about each conference and all the links you might need to stay up to date.

JAX DevOps London

When? 4-5 April 2017

Where? London, UK

JAX DevOps is a four-day conference for software experts featuring in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and practises for smaller businesses. Join the software delivery uprising for accelerated delivery cycles, faster changes in functionality and increased quality in delivery. This event covers topics such as continuous delivery, microservices, and docker.

– More than 60 workshops, sessions and keynotes

–  Over 40 international speakers and industry experts

– Insightful keynotes addressing actual trends and best practices

You can find out more information about the DevOps conference here.

We made a rundown of what to expect at JAX DevOps, including information on the four power workshops across both days.

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PHP Conference 2017

When? 16-17 February, 2017

Where? The Brewery, London

With over 700 delegates, speakers and sponsors, the PHP conference aims to deliver fantastic up-to-date content about PHP and related web technologies in a comfortable and professional setting. At this conference, there are countless opportunities to network and to engage with global speakers and delegates, and anyone is welcome to attend the conference, whether you’re a professional, hobbyist, manager, or just starting out, there’s something for everyone.

Find out more information about the PHP conference.

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Hashtag: #PHPUK17



QCon London 2017

When? 6-8 March, 2017 (Conference), 9-10 March, 2017 (Workshops)

Where? London, UK

QCon empowers software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the developer community.

A practitioner-driven conference, QCon is designed for technical team leads, architects, engineering directors, and project managers who influence innovation in their teams.

Find out more about QCon London.

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Devoxx UK Java Conference

When? 11-12 May, 2017

Where? Business Design Centre, London

The Devoxx Family welcomes annually over 11,000 developers to conferences in Belgium, France, UK, Poland, Morocco and USA. This particular Java conference is one of the best Java events for industry experts to get 100 hours of content in two days. Each year, the most inspirational speakers from all over the world gather and the world’s most successful designers attend to share their personal experience and practical comprehensions on how to put theory into practice.

– Over 12,000 attendees

– More than 100 speakers

– Over 120 sessions

– Thirty-five plus countries

Find out more information about the Java conference.

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UberConf: ultimate Java / Agility event

When? 18-21 July, 2017

Where? Denver, CO

This Java conference is a hands-on event that requires attendees to bring their laptops to do live coding during the workshops. UberConf brings together many of the industry’s top project front-runners, developers, authors, and trainers. This is an exciting time of innovation and change in the Java space. Java is not just a language, it is a technology platform. This is your opportunity to go beyond the basics and master critical skills. Topics covered include:

– Java 8

– Microservice architectures

– Docker

– Cloud

– Security

– Scala

– Groovy

– Spring

– Android

– iOS


Find out more information about UberConf.

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