A Tenth Revolution Group Company

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Software Developer's and Architects


  • NOK 700,000 to NOK 1,000,000 NOK
  • Developer Role
  • Skills: .NET, C#, Azure, Java, AWS, React, Vue, Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, Spring, Kotlin, Kubernetes
  • Level: Mid-level

Job description

Software Developer's and Architects


Join our consultancy where there are plenty of job openings for skilled professionals like you. We need people with 4+ years of experience in either .NET or Java, and we also have positions for Technical Leads and Architects.

As a senior or a tech lead, you'll have a lot of opportunities to make a big impact here, more than you might in bigger consultancies. You'll get to work on some of Norway's best projects and have more influence.

Because we're smaller, with around 300 people, we can handle projects of different sizes. Right now, we're running a campaign to help startups, which everyone in the company feels good about.

Key Requirements:
  • Good skills in .NET, JAVA, and GCP
  • Lots of experience working with clients and leading teams
  • Done technical solution design for many projects
  • Master's degree or similar qualification
  • Fluent in Norwegian

Special Features:
  • We have 300 experts in various IT fields, like security, data, and testing.
  • We're 100% owned by employees, so you can buy shares.
  • Get involved in talks and workshops led by our top employees to learn new tech.
  • Our company is informal with a flat structure, so you can talk to anyone.
  • Join our sports teams, choirs, and other activities like skiing courses and kayaking trips.