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Senior Support Specialist


Job description

Senior Support Specialist


Key Responsibilities
* Customer Support Excellence: Provide expert-level support for complex customer issues, ensuring high-quality and timely resolution. Analyze support tickets and feedback to identify trends and areas for improvement in product features and user documentation.
* Team Leadership and Development: Act as a primary point of contact and a source of inspiration for more junior team members. Provide ongoing mentorship, training, and support to enhance team performance and personal development. Foster a collaborative team environment that encourages knowledge sharing and problem-solving and contribute actively.
* Process Implementation and Optimization: Collaborate with internal key stakeholders to identify areas for process improvements within the support framework. Lead the implementation of new processes and tools to increase efficiency, reduce resolution times, and improve customer satisfaction. Regularly review and refine support processes to adapt to changing business needs and technologies.
* Cross-functional Collaboration: Serve as a liaison between the support team and cross-functional teams, including application owners, product development, sales, and marketing. Facilitate communication and project coordination to ensure that the support team is aligned with broader company objectives and product updates.

* Technical proficiency and the ability to grasp complex product knowledge quickly.
* A customer-centric mindset.
* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
* Strong background in process implementation and optimization, with a track record of improving team efficiency and customer satisfaction.
* Ideally proven experience in a leadership role within customer support or technical support environment.
* Development experience: JavaScript
* Language experience: Spanish native speaker, C1/C2 English